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Nature’s DIY Ornament, Acorn Hearts with Red Ribbon, Weekend Project

Acorn Heart Ornament by Joanne Palmisano

Perfect timing! It’s Friday and if you want to get out into the woods this weekend and pick up some acorns, pinecones and twigs to make some holiday décor here is an easy DIY you can make with the acorn caps.  (Plus, 19 more DIY’s below!)  Have fun! JoanneAcorn Heart Ornament by Joanne Palmisano

First, find some eager souls to join you in the woods to find the acorns. Bring the large dog that looks like a bear...that'll keep folks away. Thanks to my sister, Julie and my daughter, Gabrielle, we collected a ton of acorn caps.

First, find some eager souls to join you in the woods to find the acorns. Bring the large dog that looks like a bear…that’ll keep folks away. Thanks to my sister, Julie and my daughter, Gabrielle, we collected a ton of acorn caps.

2015-11-28 18.56.52

I washed and dried all my acorn caps but that’s optional. Look how many we got!

2015-12-04 13.12.38

I used an old cutting board (to drill into), a drill with a small bit, wire cutters, and some galvanized steel wire–easily found in the picture hanging section of the hardware store.

Drilling Acorns

Then slowly I drilled a hole in each of the acorn caps — which took the patience of a Jedi! Drill close to the center. Then string on the wire, changing which direction they face sporadically. (Of course, you don’t have to make as many as I did.)

acorn ornaments holiday diy idea

Twist the ends of the wire together with the wire cutter pliers and tuck it under the end of the heart. Then form the heart with your hands — the wire is very malleable. Then get some old ribbon (I cut my in half) and hang near the top of the heart and tie.


folk art acorn heart.

I also made an extra large one to sit on top of my extra large vintage dictionary. You probably can’t see it but the page is opened to LOVE — I know — corny. :) It’s like a folk art piece. I used cooper wire on this one.

WANT TO SEE MORE HOLIDAY DIYs? I just finished a bunch for DIY NETWORK.

costume jewlery upcycled into christmas tree ornaments by Joanne Palmisano

Here is just one of the 19 Rustic, Inexpensive, Holiday DIY’s I did for DIY NETWORK. Check them out here.



Anyone else ready for spring?


Even though I spent the weekend enjoying the new snowfall, I have to admit, I’m ready for it to melt away and bring me some green goodness. So in honor of the coming spring, I thought I’d show some spring-like salvage design ideas and projects. Maybe these will help it along… Click on the pictures for LINK THROUGH to how to projects and sites!

Think spring! My best, Joanne


This home was featured in Salvage Secrets Design & Décor. Photo by Susan Teare

TOTeM Salvaged

TOTeM Salvaged Handbags. I love mine!


DIY NETWORK project. Fun! Fun! Photo by Susan Teare


Another awesome DIY NETWORK project.

5x7-Job_10056 2_SS2

Cottage we featured in Salvage Secrets Design & Décor.


DIY NETWORK Container Garden. How to build a raised garden bed DIY.

Chalk Mason Jar Mugs for DIY NETWORK Made by Joanne Palmisano

Mason Jar Projects with Chalk Paint. DIY NETWORK


Jane Coslick Designs always make me happy and thinking spring and summer!

How to Build a built in bench out of salvaged wood and trim (video) for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets Design, Photo by Susan Teare

Build your own built in bench. One of the eight DIY NETWORK videos I did.


Update your tile backsplash to happy spring and summer colors. DIY NETWORK HOW TO PROJECT.


Or paint a dresser… DIY NETWORK project. Photo by Susan Teare

Mason Jar Candle Party Display for DIY NETWORK made by Joanne Palmisano, Salvage Secrets Design, Photo by Susan Teare

Outdoor party… soon! Mason Jar Fun! DIY

Picnic Cloth Holders Joanne Palmisano

Get ready for picnics! Make your own tablecloth weight clips to hold it down the tablecloth on a windy day!

easter table 1

My friend Karin Lidbeck-Brent is one of the most talented folks I know! Here is a photo shoot she did called Setting a Spring Table. Yup! I’m ready for that!

Jim Westphalen Photography for Just Paint

Always a pleasure to be asked by Jim Westphalen to be the stylist on shoots. This one was for Just Paints, Annie Sloan Fabric Line Products. Spring Breakfast is ready!


Rope Flower Vases, Second Hand Saturdays DIY Project

One of my favorite things to do is DIY’s with new friends. So as my husband gets ready for an overnight sailing race, I pull out all the old sailing lines and left-over ropes we have at home for a fun Workshop at Basin Harbor Club.  I think people underestimate the power of doing a craft together and how much in can calm the soul and bring your stress level down. So here is another fun Second Hand Saturday’s DIY idea for you to try. Enjoy!

recycled rope vases

Stunning Recycled Glass Rope Vases. These are Marcia and Hailey’s creations from the craft workshop at Basin Harbor Club. What a blast.

recycled jars and cans and plastic tubs

Instead of throwing your plastic jars, cans and glass into the recycling bin, wash them well and put them in your craft closet!

recycled jar craft with kids

Hailey really took her time to have this recycled craft turn out perfect for her mom. She used old recycled sailing line and slowing hot glued in the rope onto the jar. I showed her how to make sure the glue didn’t stick out between the rope by placing it on the inside edge of the rope and the glass and then pushing the next piece of rope up onto it on down.

DIY workshop at Basin Harbor Club

Everyone is concentrating hard. I can feel the tension and stress fly out of the room — crafts are really therapeutic!

ropes, lines and twine

recycled jar vases

Look how creative you can get with recycled cans and jars. Twine, yarn, sticks and rope — and you can make an amazing cottage style table setting!

I’d love to see you finished recycled jar flower vases when your done.  Look around — what do you have that you can decorate a jar with? Buttons, ribbon, rope, corks, duck tape, twine, stickers…slimy plastic worms :)  My best, Joanne



DIY Picnic Table Clips

On today’s DIY NETWORK BLOG…my festive picnic table clips..they were so fun to make with my neices while my daughter was at basketball camp.  She came back just in time to help us set the table for her birthday! Thanks girls!  Go to DIY NETWORK for the step by step instructions.

The single flat sheets or single pillowcases are easy to find at Goodwill or Salvation Army or even garage sales. Look for bright colors, large flower prints and more!

My helpers! Samantha, Hilary (my nieces) and Gabrielle!
The wind was blowing and the DIY colorful table clips looked lovely and worked really well!

The sailboat race timed it perfectly to get into the pictures as well! 

Lemon Colors, Lemonade and Lemonade Stands — Old Fashion Nevers Goes Out of Style

Today is the last day of school and tomorrow is a party of giggling pre-teen girls at my house — what to do…what to do!  Serve lemonade, of course. Which got me thinking about lemonade stands and the nostalgia that goes along with them!

These kids are so cute and their stand isn’t bad either :)  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reclaimed wood lemonade sign — that could even be a fun project for a house — hmmmm…. a few pieces of reclaimed wood from the rebuild center, some lemons, ice, a little pocket change and smiling kids and you have a lemonade stand!

Of course, lemonade gets me thinking about the color yellow and this vintage kitchen island featured in Country Living is the perfect shade of lemon yellow!

Shopping for a Lemonade pitcher and some glasses? Look no further than Eco Kitchen for these recycled glass goblets and cold beverage dispenser :)

I have a serious thing for vintage colorful paintings! This lemon painting is for sale on Etsy.  What a fun picture for the kitchen — the pop of color is amazing!

Three Pixie Lane has a great blog post on a lemonade stand.  I love the use of an old table, a vintage white stool with an old pot for the lemons, a few other small recycled accessories and you have an instant lemonade stand!

I think I’ll stick to a classic lemonade recipe — lemons, water and sugar! Mixing ratio directly from Martha Stewart Living.

Now this is a cheerful stand! I think my daughter could put herself through college with this stand — of course, let’s just get through tomorrow’s party… This DIY project lemonade and bake sale stand tutorial is from LilLuna!
This vintage glass, pitcher, napkin and barware collection is from the online store, Refresh Collections (which sells one of a kind vintage collections). This collection is aptly called, Lemonade Stand. 


My trip to Italy — a bowl full of lemons — ahhh…I can still smell them :) 
My Best, Joanne